Golf Tips: How To Record Your Golf Swing Want to record your golf swing to see what you’re doing wrong? Golf Academy of America’s PGA Master Professional Brad Kirkman shows you how to do it right.

One of the latest trends among golfers is to record their golf swing and send the video to an instructor so the instructor can tell them what they’re doing wrong. But a lot of people are putting the cameras in the wrong spot, which makes it difficult for the instructor to diagnose the problem.

The two most common camera angles are face-on and down the line. Face-on is the easiest to set up. Players should set the camera up 90 degrees to the target line and lined up with approximately where their belt buckle would be. The more difficult angle to set up is down the line. The camera should be 20 feet back, about waist-high and placed between the ball and the toe line, or in line with the bottom of the grip.

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