Golf Tips – Shoulder Turn Lesson With Video Swing Analysis

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  1. Yikes Adam! I just review my swing video, and can see that my shoulders come back down on the same angle as they do going back.  This could be the reason why I am feeling shoulder pain.  Too much shoulder swing and not enough body/hips on the downswing. 5 degrees over the top too.  Thanks

  2. The 'skipping the rock' analogy is something Faldo put into one of his golf training videos (it's up on YouTube somewhere), and when i started putting that feeling into my golf swing, wow, a huge improvement to my long game. Now, to improve my putting :-/

  3. Hi Adam, Sir Nick here, I think your the best looking hole in the ground I've seen in years! Keep up the great videos!

  4. Adam…excellent (shoulder turn) video. So the steepness in the DS vs the BS comes from first moving the weight forward before starting the DS. I like it. BTW, you mentioned Faldo's two different swing thoughts (back and down), can you share them with us?

  5. awesome explanation! any go to drills for help not getting stuck or dumped under coming through?

  6. Great information again Adam. Have any of your lessons talked about ball position? I see that there seem to be two schools of thought. One, ball played from basically the same spot, and two, ball moves forward or back depending on club being used. Any thoughts? Jim Shaffer

  7. Adam. I can't believe I haven't seen this being covered before. It makes so much more sense now. I can't wait to get on to the practice ground to work on it. Thanks again for another great video. The UK sends its regards by the way!

  8. im new to golf. started playing about 2 months ago. I fell in love with it. Youre an amazing coach! I casually view each video from time to time and practice the stuff I learned on the course. THANK YOU SO MUCH.