Golf Torrequebrada with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Coach Lockey, Dan Hendriksen PGA Professionals and YGT’s Rory. The guys are on a trip to Southern Spain. See who is matched up against each other on Day 1 of their tour. With birdies, pars and lots of lost balls, enjoy this fun and easy to watch golf video.

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  1. Oh yes please!!! Love it! Course looks great! Dan saying Grand Dan things being such a positive partner…lovely.

  2. Fucking wrap up, I think Coach should take up lawn bowls or something. I love his chirpy attitude even though he is swinging it like Quasimodo at the moment. I’m not sure if he is even a single figure golfer at the moment. I think the late Stephen J Hawkins would even give him a run for his money in a scratch match.

  3. Can't stress enough how much these vlogs help my sanity.
    Been out for 4 weeks since hip replacement and going crazy with no course time.
    Thanks gents!

  4. Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves!!! And a tip from America if you all would speak English you guys could understand each other…. 😉 Saw Peter Finch and the Average Golfer was there. Guys should get together and do one huge vlog…..

  5. Editing improvement is brilliant. Any course would pay money to have the drone footage/intros! You should do a vlog showing each course vlog part is made i.e. drone flying, capturing shots/footage, effort between shots and editing. Excellent work by Coach and Mark. Thank You!

  6. I have to say mark, being a massive rick shiels fan in the past I've grown into your content. Often I've not paid much attention to Rick's content and regularly keeping up with yours! Obviously you're not in it for the money/advertising because you constantly upload helpful videos for all those less fortunate. Thank you and God bless.

  7. Lockey is genuinely the worst professional golfer I've ever seen😂. He's a lovely boy but he's barely single figures these days . Imagine actually paying for a lesson from him!!

  8. Matt is losing his marbles…err…I mean balls, while Rory's short game has gone to pot and is now #8. Oh my. I do hope this is the before to the after we've just seen in Ireland?

  9. Great videos and content. A suggestion though, I know editing these videos must take forever, but it would be cool to have a course/hole layout as you get to the tee box or your shot.

  10. Do us a favour brah.. I know you don´t like seniors, 😉 but could you get back to putting "Pt 1/2/3" etc on the video title? for those of us who have to dig out the reading specs to watch 🙂 cheers brah!