Golf Training Aid – Golf Swing Training Aid

Golf Training Aid

GOLFSTR+: 6 in 1 Straight Arm Swing Trainer

Are you looking for a golf training aid to eliminate slice? Look no further: Golf Straight with GOLFSTR!  You get 6 swing fixes in 1 product to lower your score in every part of your game.  Train with GOLFSTR to develop a more consistent swing for your driver, fairway clubs, wedges and putter.  No other Golf Training Aid gives you 6 swing fixes. Easy to assemble for left and right handed golfers, GOLFSTR teaches you to keep your leading arm or wrist straight in the full backswing and for putting and chipping.  It’s also great for lag training in your backswing for longer drives. To assemble your GOLFSTR to learn a straight arm backswing, keep the long strip of Velcro facing out, form a loop, slide the ends through the 2 slots and fold the ends over to fit your forearm. For the 5 other uses, flip the formed plastic plate with the tip pointing away from the loop and snug it on your wrist or arm. Golf professionals everywhere are recommending GOLFSTR.  100 testers from the GOLF Partners Club found that GOLFSTR improved their game.  Best of all, you can wear it for 18 holes as a Straight Arm Brain Trainer to build muscle memory for more consistent hits. That’s Golf   S   T   R   like the first 3 letters in the word STRAIGHT. GOLFSTR is the Golf Training Aid you want?

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