GOLF: Two Keys To Solid Contact And Compressing Your Irons

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Two Keys To Solid Contact And Compressing Your Irons

Every single good ball striker has the shaft of the club and the handle leaning slightly towards the target at impact.

If your shaft and handle are straight up and down at impact, your contact will suffer, you’ll have too much dynamic loft, you’ll hit the ball high and short, and probably will not hit the ball in the middle of the face. You certainly are not going to compress the golf ball and it won’t feel very good.

Most of you know this. This isn’t groundbreaking information. But, the question is, how to you fix it? There are two ways that you can get the handle forward – through your body with rotation and through your arms and hands.

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  1. Great video, love the channel. One thing that confuses me is when you said keeping a hinge won't give you more forward shaft lean, but more bend in the right wrist will. I always thought that was the same. What's the difference between hinge and right wrist extension?

  2. Another super video full of insight on how to get the handle forward at impact– a key ingredient to solid ball striking and compressing the ball at impact It really helps people like me who can not seem to get enough body rotation through the ball (hips and chest) to achieve the necessary amount of desirable handle forward of the ball at impact.