Golf VLOG, Every Shot Hanging Tough at El Dorado, Be Better Golf

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  1. Notice, that level change comes from how right before u take the club back u go down with your body and u set your hands down. It's subtle, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You will then rise up in the backswing and go down in the downswing. Other than that, I Love the plane u are swinging on!

  2. You're rolling your putts really really well!

    1 hour divot and pitch mark repair 😉

  3. Thanks for the tips with wedge backswing lengths; it's so simple and effective. It really takes out the overthinking on those "tweener" wedge distances and lets you just concentrate on a good sequence. 78 yesterday at skylinks with two stupid back-to-back doubles.

  4. great wedge control. system seems to be working great for you. can i ask – where are you trying to finish on your follow through with them. I only mention it as you say about chest to chest or ear to ear – but your finish always seems a lot lower/shorter? obviously whatever your doing is working well so keep it up. PS: i used to write distances on my clubs (lee westwood did it on all his clubs) but i heard thats illegal now – can anyone confirm that please???

  5. It's very refreshing to see someone playing in a jacket at this time of year….not around here.

  6. Are you going do some more stuff with Mike Malaska? The videos with him are the best . Your swing getting better 😊

  7. Hey Brendan, interesting thing that's been working for me when I've tried to turn driver up a notch and really get after one – I lift up my big toe in my right foot until after impact. This helps me keep the right leg planted through the swing and avoid spinning out, but allows me to really swing hard with the arms through the shot. Just saw your errant drive on 18 and the motion you described to David and figured it may be a decent feel for those aggressive drives.