GOLF: Vlog with 50 Year old Golf Clubs

Playing with a set of 1967 Wilson X-31 irons.
They are like playing with a set of training aids.

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Links to stuff I used in this video.

Rode Videomic with Fuzzy ( Actually $149)
Rode Videomic Me (the iphone attached one)
Canon T5i
Iphone 6s
Joby Tripod for iphone

In the bag but not in this video
Srixon z765 irons
Srixon z965 irons
Evnroll putter


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  1. just missing the metal spikes!..I like to practice with Hogan bounce soles…makes you better I think

  2. For some reason I feel you should have chosen the ER1 putter….just my instincts telling me this.See if he will let you trade the ER2 for a ER1.

  3. You might also be missing it to the right because you have less offset on this putter than your previous one

  4. I have a set of similar Honma blades given to me by my dad (he definitely overestimated my ballstriking ability) as a first set of clubs. I love how the topline is so thin. When I finally started using modern clubs, it took some time to get used to the size.

  5. 21:00 Bingo! I have set of Wilson Dynapower (the early 60's) irons love to play. They play at least a club shorter than a modern blade but if you make a pendulum-like swing they feel great and are very accurate. Most players have problems with older blades because they want to pound them.

  6. Try to be cautious of your eyeline when you're putting it looks like the ball is getting well outside your eyeline which could lead to pushes. It could have something to do with your putting posture you talked about in another video.

  7. those older clubs launch lower because the center of gravity is higher up the club face, versus down towards the sole

  8. for your putting it looks to me like you are just a little late on the release causing it to just be a touch right. it is magnified on shorter putts because less time to correct itself.

    hell of a par on 10

  9. Hi great vlog, I do love the old clubs you really can dial in your ball strking with the feedback from the older club. Just looking at your last putt, not sure of your normal set up but your eyes look a little inside the ball which can cause a pushed putt. Keep up the good work.