GOLF | What Jack Nicklaus told Mike Malaska about the Golf Swing!

Second part of my conversation with Golf Digest Top 100 teacher Mike Malaska.

Here mike talks about swing philosophy and conversations he has had about the release and role of the lower body with the great Jack Nicklaus.

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  1. Man this is so confusing! This is literally the opposite of what GG swingtips and the like teach i.e. leave the arms up at start of downswing, let lower body work to shallow shaft, passive hands etc. Mike is saying drop the butt down and steepen shaft angle, keep lower body passive etc. Golf instruction could really do with some sort of 'regulation' as it seems people just create their own swing theories based on opinion rather than science

  2. The ax explanation really helps. That giant club was a great visual too. Thanks! Your content is the best!

  3. Nice video. Feels good with every club except driver for me. Driver i end up hitting pop flys straight in the air for some reason.

  4. Another great video Brendan. I have actually been practicing this over the last month and I'm hitting the ball with about 4/5 mph faster SS than I was when I last checked at start of the year. also my clubs are a mid/high HC clubs and I tried my mates ping I clubs (more players clubs) yesterday and I was actually hitting his much better better flight /straighter. my own clubs now seem to be ballooning when I hit them. so it looks like it's a trip to the fitting room for me soon.

  5. I've been a steep handle-yanker for a while, and for some reason this Malaska swing works really well for me. I picked it up and took it to the course very quickly, and even shot my career low score using this swing (75). Then for some reason, listened to the naysayers, and tried for a more 'conventional' swing. After a season of not being able to break 80, I'm back on the Malaska train. I just works for me. Great stuff BBG!

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