GOLF: Winter Golf Swing Practice – Swing Direction

Winter Golf Swing Practice
Swing Direction

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It’s February here in PA, so I’m working with Mary on full swing elements that will really transfer when she’s back out on the course this Spring.

A lot of the best golfers in the world may use the same block practice station for months or years at a time. Amateur golfers tend to use a practice station for a day or week at most and then switch it up. Mary’s been using the block station in this video since last May – and may continue to use it for months and years to come.

The goal isn’t to get rid of your block station. The goal is to find the one or two things you can do that are simple that make steady progress over time.

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A special thanks to Bob D’Amica at Infinity Golf in Phillipsburg, NJ for providing us such a great winter practice facility and allowing us to film. You can find them at 224 Stockton St., Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

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  1. She’s got a great swing. Thanks for sharing this lesson.

    Do you teach a lot using ball data with people? I find some people like it and some people don’t.

    Keep the vids comin. Good stuff