Golf Wrist Brace Band, Golf Swing Training Correct Aid, Practice Tool, Swing Gesture Alignment Training Aid

Wrist Brace Band Golf Swing Training Correct Aid,practice Tool, Swing Gesture Alignment Training Aid Shipping: 7-12 days, international parcel.

Product Features

  • golf aids
  • golf wrist brace
  • golf training
  • golf beginner

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  1. Great product! Watch out for Blisters. A lot better than expected. I am getting back to playing golf and my pro pointed out that I was moving my wrists at impact and they were hurting.This little aid limits the backward motion of the left arm efficiently and fits inside the glove as it has a thin profile; it’s comfortable to wear even on my XL glove size and 7-1/2″ wrist.The packaging is flimsy but the product is 5 stars, I put some real life pictures up for reference. (I purchased through Amazon and am…