Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve “RICHO” Richardson talk to Sho Watanabe from golf zero on the gold coast for a quick chat about the equipment they sell. Fitting videos with RICHO to come

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  1. Why is it that the big brand golf companies aren't the big in the Asian market? I never heard of those brands before.

  2. They look like great clubs. Brave move to enter the competitive golf club market!
    I have a question re. Fitting.
    Do drivers and fairway woods come in various lie angles (ie. 2 degrees upright, 1 degree flat) like irons do ?

  3. Japan has all the big brands as well but it is a big enough market to be able to support many more manufacturers, and there are many. It generally is of a very very high quality because the prices are higher for gear over there and people pay it. I just came back from Japan 4 days ago and while there picked up an Akira 4 hybrid with a quality Tour ad shaft, similar to what Golf zero put together. It is a rocket ship and feels better than any hybrids I’ve had before. I have titleist 915 s, adams, cobra and taylormade which were all great but this smokes them all. Unfortunately our market can’t support smaller makers which is such a shame as that’s where most of the innovation comes from and where a higher quality smaller output company charging a premium price can’t survive here. I went to a department store in Tokyo with an entire floor dedicated to super high end expensive golf clothing labels. They couldn’t survive here as no one would pay $250 for a golf shirt or $400 for golf pants, but there they have entire floors dedicated to it with 20 different labels lineing up to get market space. That’s why if people really understood how brilliant these unheard of companies product is they would be knocking down Golf Zero’s door to have a hit with what’s down there. You boys are ahead of your time. Good on you for promoting Golf Zero. He is a champion bloke and it’s very good for golf in Australia to have him trading here.
    Cheers boys

  4. Cool, would never be exposed to these brands in Scandinavia👍 Need
    to go to Japan and try some clubs out.