GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone, iPad and Android, Black

The Golf Sense Revolutionary 3D Golf Swing Motion Sensor is the first personal 3D golf sensor that provides instant feedback on your swing. Its both accurate and fun. Golf Sense helps identify the aspects of your swing that you need to refine to improve your golf game. You can see complete 3D analysis of your golf swing in real-time on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Its even possible to break down your swings into the critical segments and then save and share them.

Product Features

  • Analyze your swing in real-time
  • See side-by-side comparison of your swings or other swings
  • Review and analyze critical segments of your swing
  • Share your swing on Facebook, Twitter, or email it to your coach
  • Free Golf Sense app downloadable from the App Store

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  1. Make sure you have reasonable expectations on the effectiveness of this device I retired and decided to start golfing again after a 10 year hiatus (never was very good), so I’m pretty much a beginner. Being a bit of a techie I bought this to help me with my swing. This is a nicely done/cool piece of technology, I really had no problem working with it once I figured out the user interface. It paired easily with my Samsung Galaxy S4, calibrated ok and started collecting data right away. The Analysis feature reported that overall my swing was pretty good, however in reality,…

  2. A Video Review of the GolfSense 3D Swing Analyzer I worked in the golf equipment industry for nearly a decade and one thing that was constant was the influx of new products. The products varied in popularity and customer acceptance, but in truth they rarely made much of an impact (the titanium driver being one very notable exception). While expert golfers can benefit from the nuances of new and improved clubs – most golfers need something a little more basic – consistent muscle memory. The ability to have a consistent…

  3. Best Analyzer Because of my job (PGA Professional), I have reviewed 4 swing analyzers that give feedback to your iPhone/Android device. The Golf Sense is hands down the best for a number of reasons. 1) It works. Trust me on this, many don’t even connect or work with the blue tooth – very frustrating. 2) The Golf Sense is is on your glove not the club. This makes a big difference because ON the club has issues. It changes the overall swing weight of the club and some of these devices are BIG and clunky…