Thanks to the guys at for helping me collect as many of the DRIVER UNDER £100

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  1. I still use my old titleist 905 10.5 Reg shaft that I got when I started playing and I fooking love it .. when I'm playing well it's my favourite club in the bag 270/280 yards fairly straightish lol will be hanging onto it for a while yet 🙂

  2. The drivers over the past 5 yrs are all good. You just have to know which type of weighting works for you. Drivers that are weighted closer to the front like Taylormade and Callaway or those weighted towards the back like Ping and Titeist and knowing what lofts work best for those types of weighting.

  3. This was honest and good rewiew 👍 Im playing used clubs and i like them. It would bee interesting see some "copy" club tests. Like acer or giga golf?

  4. Thanks for the great information (as usual) It is amazing when the manufacturers release the new drivers every year announcing NEW & IMPROVED. Makes you wonder what you paid $500 for last year….old & mediocre???? Have never bought a second hand driver but I will now. You can always resell it yourself and recoup your $100 if it doesn't workout…right? Thanks for all you do.

  5. I agree with this 100%!! I bought my entire set used by piecing it together. I shopped carefully and found clubs in really great shape, some of them looked pretty much brand new. I bought the wedges individually (P, A, S, L). The irons in a set (4-9). And the rest individually. A 3 wood, 4 hybrid and a driver. And they all match. Taylormade Rocketballz. My driver was $85 and in great shape. I put the entire set together (with a matching Taylormade bag) for just over $500. I recently went and tested all the latest against my driver. The new PING, Calloway, Taylormade, etc . . . I consistently hit my Rocketballz just as far and consistent as the brand new $400+ drivers. So saving the money and putting it into lessons is very much a smart move, especially since I am very much an average golfer. Thanks for putting this video together Rick!! Keep up the great content!!

  6. The Ping G 20 is a driver, that even I can hit from the deck – way better than the G 30…

  7. I picked up a Cobra ZL last year for 70 GBP and am now doing a repaint due to the previous owners skyballs. It’s looking sharp and I hit balls as far as you do with any of your tested drivers. I’m putting the money I saved into more practice on the range so I can learn to master the club. I think most people buy new clubs far to often, resulting in them never realy learning how to use the club.

  8. 1. I want you to test ALL the shafts and what differences they can make.

    2. Yes. I recently bought Wilson Staff Triton at $77 as new with rogue shaft. It's a steal.

    Thanks for the video!

  9. Good Day Rick. Love the work you are doing. Could you test some of the Japanese Clubs like PRGR, Honma, Muira vs Taylormade,Callaway, Titleist.
    I use a PRGR EGG 3 wood & get the same distance as a Taylormade M2 2016 driver.

  10. Rick, will you be testing the new Taylormade RBZ Black? Was a fan of the older version, and wonder how the new one performs.

  11. Brilliant test! 🙂 So what about the equvalient irons? Are they also worth procuring second hand?

  12. I've only used second hand clubs. I started golfing 3 years ago and had a titleist 910 driver. This summer I hit my longest drive with the club for a total of 314 yards. I work at a golf course and found a ping i25 head in amazing condition in the trash. I put a stock ping shaft in it for 36 dollars and went on to break my long drive with it hitting a 326 yard drive. It's definitely worth more to improve your swing

  13. It's all a mind game! Whatever gives you that confidence when looking down on the ball is what I would go with.

  14. Hey Rick why don't you test an apples to apples test. Hollow head over size irons callaway BB OS to Cobra OS?

  15. Great vlog Rick, cheers. Looking at upgrading my driver now with a second hand model!

  16. I only buy my clubs discounted or second-hand. Clubs are so expensive and my game has changed now I've moved on from your basic bottomline Wilson Staff clubs.

  17. I bought an R9 460 for $50 on eBay an absolutely love it!!! I did spend some money to get the shaft specs where I wanted them afterwards but I still saved somewhere around $300

  18. Just bought a titleist 910 3hybrid for under £30!!! In good condition as well

  19. If you have a good swing, almost any club regardless of price will do you well.

  20. Great vid. I just got a second hand Taylormade M1 430 for $100. Best driver I’ve ever owned. Huge step up from my previous driver and at a bargain.

  21. So guys, tell me… have you ever bought a second hand club? Have you found any bargains?

    Let me know!