Graeme McDowell Golf Swing Analysis

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In this new video, RST instructor Chris Tyler will explain what the term “body release” means in the golf swing and how it can cause you to lose tons of clubhead speed.

I’ll also show you how releasing the club with you body can put a lot of stress on your lower back and possibly put you on the sidelines.

You will see a side by side comparison with a PGA Tour player that releases the club beautifully in the hitting area for nearly a 10+ mph increase in speed.

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  1. it's crazy that rotary swing still thinks by uploading incomplete videos in hopes to entice viewers to purchase or enroll their services is so old school, especially with all the free content by many equally or more experienced YouTube channels. For those of you who want the same instruction videos for free just check out "meandmygolf" "mark Crossfield " or " myswingevolution" and get it for free.