Great Lag Drill For More Power In The Golf Swing

PGA Golf Professional Andy Proudman Explains of what lag is in the golf swing with a simple drill to help maintain lag, leading to more consistent and powerful golf shots.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comment. It is slightly different with your driver as we don't create as much shaft lean at impact and we aren't trying the ball the turf. Although we still want to create lag I wouldn't actually think about it with your driver as it can lead to directional issues. I would definitely work more on direction with the driver which will be down to swing plane or face position.

  2. Please comment on this idea from a friend:

    "That's ok if one has a large thumb yield.Most big hitters can bend their left thumb back to an acute angle in relation to their left forearm."

  3. The left thumb has very little to do with it. It is the mobility and strength in the wrists. For the left thumb to move, it would have to come off the club.

  4. Hey Andy, its probably a lot harder, but is it the same for the driver? Thanks!

  5. what a difference this makes to your game when done correctly!! Keeping this in the swing consistently is hardto maintain although you do know when you have done it right!!

  6. Lag in the golfswing is the load in the shaft, is all about storing the potential and not necessary to be visible by our naked eyes.  As long as you can drag the shaft forward and the mass of the clubhead is lagging behind.. that's lag.  Lag is not a shape of holding on to your wrist and arm.  In TGM, one of the imperative is CLUBHEAD LAG pressure, and not about holding on to your wrist and arm.
    Kenny PGA GSEM

  7. how are you , If anyone else is learn the top tips for improving their golf swing try banfan amazing golf genie ( search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  8. My numbers are all right around tour average, except driver SS, which can hit up to 120 mph, and I don't hold the lag. Does that mean I would be a LDA professional if I held the lag? 

  9. Can't hold or retain lag. It's the end…not the means. The best thing you said that will help naturally create lag is to lead with the body.

  10. Perfect example of why NOT to wear your cell phone while recording a video with a wireless mic.

  11. Played 9 holes yesterday grip helped a lot now I need more power I'm striking the ball well but need a bit more power and I think slowly incorporating this will really help. Thanks again MeandMyGolf!

  12. Should this technique also be used for long irons (i.e. 3, 4, or 5). Thanks, Andy. Love the videos.

  13. Just Andy, no Peirce? :/ In any case thank you both for all the content/information.

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