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GRIP & SWING PLANE | Wisdom in Golf

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Learn how to get a sound grip every time, and how an incorrect grip could be negatively affecting your swing before you even take the club back.

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Paul Tomlinson says:

Thanks Shawn. I needed this as a reminder that it all starts with the grip.

Pierrep99 says:

Thanks for the video. That helps. The buzzing noise in the background was pretty bad.

Ville Luoto says:

This is Really Good video!!! I have to send it my friend Vesa who just got greencard and ask me this grip systems.

Mark Woods says:

Hi Shawn,   really enjoy your insights.  Hope you are enjoying some nice weather.

Pierre Morin says:

Merci pour cette capsule, pour ma part j'utilise un reverse overlap, comme je joue du coté gauche mon index de la main droite chevauche le petit doigt de la main gauche ( à ma défense, mon auriculaire a été endommagé par une blessure sportive, il y a plusieurs année…) voyez vous quelques objections à cette prise, je dois dire que je débrouille fort bien… Continuez votre bon travail.

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