Hand path in the golf swing

The hand path of the best golfers in the world at different points in the downswing.

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  1. this looks brilliant, i really struggle with this i will definitely be trying this tomorrow thanks nick!

  2. Good one nick well explain. Do you know any certified stack and tilt instructors in ireland keep up the good work

  3. Thank you Nick. Can I ask a question please. when you do that swing, do you think about your hip movement? thank you in advance.

  4. seems like a really short back swing is it the same with all clubs, really enjoying your videos, thanks.

  5. Thanks Nick great video. I have started to work on transitioning my swing using a stack & tilt method. Been watching all of your videos 🙂
    I have started to hit the ball really well. Have you done a video on the grip? Thanks again I appreciate all your work.

  6. Hi Nick this video has really helped me a lot especially the knee flex part I feel I turn a lot better as a result thanks a lot

  7. Am working on arms straight. looking at your swing you appear to cock early using your right hand to pull the club into position at the top as you turn keeping as wide as possible. Am I right? Not sure whether you raise your arm up slightly as you pull the club up to the top with your right hand.

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