Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts talks you through how the hand path in your golf swing effects the club path.

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  1. Great video. Do you have a vid on making pure and solid ball contact? And where do your eye aim at on a downswing? Front of the ball? Top of the ball? Or behind the ball?

  2. Having been that golfer whom have taken the clubhead under plan and behind I'd like to add to the backswing what I find a key component. Seeing that many tour players waggle the club is not just to stay loose but also a feel for getting the butt end and the club head to move up and by that getting the weight of the club in your hands for more feel and control while keeping the clubhead outside hands going back [look at Fowler pre-shoot routine]. Sergio even has weights in the handle as did Nicklaus. I don't know your take on it but to me it seems like that occurs right away. I am not saying that the hands not going back, beacuse they do, but if you were to lift the club – in a natural way, not striaght up as it would hit your face – you will straight away see the club in 45 degree angle and hands maybe at your right hip. Many I believe see that wide takeaway in still pictures and think I need to get those arms as far away as possible. What really happens is a disconnection. If you look at Danny Willet he sets the wrist very early in the swing. Personally I never hit the ball better in my life having that knowledge. Rotating those forearms as you mention is a killer. That really occurs because you see the golfer in DTL perspective and the people try to imitate that visually. They end up like you say in one-plane look with a massive rotation of arms. I think one danger and that has been my fault is that you mix up a lot of things and the swings evolves during your golfing years instead of keeping to basics. Just my take on it…