Hands and Arms Golf Swing Lesson

Hands and Arms Golf Swing Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps another golf with his simple and easy to follow ideas around golf swing that might open your mind and help you play some better golf. Learn some simple and very effective golf swing ideas for all levels of golfers to help them improve their golf games.

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  1. Mark, do you think this player may have had a back injury at some point, he seems very reluctant to rotate the mid drift.

  2. Well i really don't turn my body much at all if any, it is all wrist (I really whip the head through strike), arms and shoulders. Though if i am driving i get a lot of power from straightening my left leg which drives my left hip and shoulder up with a grunt. But really my swing isn't like the one shown, its all power and speed. When i used to use ladies graphite shafts in my irons I could feel my 4 iron bending like a jelly during the downswing. I nearly always hit the middle of the club, if i miss its mostly a top. My swing is brute force and ignorance I am afraid, and like tiger and Michelle I am suffering badly for it; just got my second injury this year ;-)

  3. I think it's a very good approach for this issue. There’s way too much to do if you take the standard 'positions' approach. This player needs to get rotation and extension in his swing.

  4. all hands and arms, to get an idea of more rotation and better sequencing think about how you would swing a baseball bat or just throw a ball to get maximum distance the replicate them movements in the golf swing

  5. Make sense. When I do this though I feel like I'm getting "turning away" from the ball. Does anyone else get that feeling?

  6. Sounds good, a free wheeling baseball swing for practice may help widen the swing arc and loosen the wrists. To me it appears he is really trying hard to make good contact and so chokes up on the club handle and swings with really rigid body structure. I'd say. loosen the grip and stand back from the ball for starters. Golf, its a work in progress.

  7. "We need this player to be able to try and get the forces of the club passing out in front of them, really pushing out quite forcefully this way. At the same time we need them then hanging on to those forces, so pulling back on that handle with their upper body as their lower half goes forwards…"

    DEFFO need more information on this Mark! I've never heard or read anyone suggesting there's a pulling back in opposition to the club being thrown out at/after impact.

    I'm not saying you're wrong! Far be it from me, but rather I am saying that this concept has really got me intrigued. Please explain more! You've piqued my interest!

    You could probably do a video on this idea alone. I hope you do!