Hands in the Golf Swing – What they actually do

Ever wondered what the role of the hands are in the golf swing? Steve explains how simple the hands move and how little motion there actually is with regards to the hands and wrists within the golf swing.

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  1. Good explanation of the cocking and bending of the hands. But what is the function of the hands in a golf swing? Simply put the two converge or join the left side of the body with the right with one side pulling and the other side pushing.

  2. I would cup the left wrist going back and arch it thru the impact zone – and take loft off of the club face – just like in his previous videos on delofting thru impact – less left hand rotation that way and better clubface control

  3. There is something to be said for strong hands. If you are compressing the ball, the right palm pressure needs to be strong against the shaft and left hand. My right hand must be weak. I wear a glove on the right hand in play, both hands in practice.

  4. I f you naturally have a dish in your left hand at address like many golfers, at impact you should have the same dish angle.

  5. I have always struggled with club face control and have ALWAYS had a tendency to "Fan" the club open in the takeaway, which leads to a cupping of the wrist at the top and then as a consequence I leave the face open at impact. To override this tendency I have to consciously restrict any wrist role in my takeaway, which helps (most of the time). I also find that gripping the club tighter and having thicker grips (somewhere between Mid and Jumbo) help prevent the "Fanning".
    I this helps my fellow "Fanny-ers"!

  6. Steve great subject. Remember Jack Nicholas documentary with his coach Jack Grout emphasising first thing he taught Jack was the importance of the hands. Regardless of perfecting all body movements in the golf swing transmission to the club is via the hands.