Head movement during the golf swing

Trying to keep your head perfectly still during the golf swing could be ruining your chances of hitting solid golf shots. The head does not stay perfectly still and some movement allows a more athletic swing as well as less stress on your body. In this video, Director of Instruction Derek Hooper outlines what movement is helpful in producing an athletic swing as well as some drills you can do to help make your golf swing more athletic.

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  1. justjames1111, thanks for the question. Video is not the best way to assess movement in the golf swing, but from the video I have seen while Rory McIlroy keeps his head steady, there is some movement of the head away from target during the backswing. It is impossible to be certain of how much unless we see Rory's 3D swing analysis numbers.

    Hope that helps and all the best with your golf game.


  2. I have always struggled with maintaining secondary spine tilt and watching this video may explain why.I was practicing this and I can say that letting my head move and turn right is a very strange sensation at the top.Looking down at the ball through the corner of the left eye is…..wow,strange.I will say too that this seems to help with keeping the arms and club in front of the chest.Not sure if I will stick with this,but it is definitely different than what I normally do.Thanks for this video Derek.