He’s Real Angry!! North Hants Golf Club – Part One

He’s Real Angry!! North Hants Golf Club – Part One


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  1. please stop using that cringy Jason day ad prior to the video starting its fake and shite acting

  2. I played this course last month in the 'Left Handers Open' they hold every year. An excellent track with a good clubhouse too.

  3. first putt, not too firm, wrong line?putts should be weighted to go by the hole a foot to a foot and half?

  4. This aim point business is a fad surely. Just creates more spike marks on greens slows up play, did gregg Norman, tiger Woods, Jordan speith use it or similar. Just pick ur line and hit the damn thing lol

  5. Reading some of these comments you truly understand what a bunch of dickwads there are around. Personally i love your and Ricks videos they are fun and sometimes funny. just please tell rick that i saw him run in an old vlog and it was like bambi on ice so please film his jogging as not how to do it video !!!

  6. So I'm 6'8" and play only for fun. But I've wondered if I actually got fitted for the right size clubs, hoe drastically my game would change. Thoughts? Lol

  7. As soon as they started that finger thing on the putts, I was gone. That new fad looks hideous. Talk about over thinking……just see the line and hit the putt.

  8. Tried the "aim point" technique once!! Achieved one thing- looked like a complete Dick on the greens and holed nothing. PS don't give a pencil or claw grip putter anything outside blow in distance. Looks horrible and unnatural.