HIGH POST GOLF CLUB ¦ Stroke Play Match ¦ PART 3/3

PART 3/3 Myself and Harry Konig go head to head at the challenging but beautiful High Post Golf Club in Wiltshire, England.

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  1. the 14th is the  easiest hole on the course, lol, 4 iron down the left , wedge in birdie!!lol, Its defo a course that you guys wil play sooo much better the second time, knowing the clubs, misses etc, Nice to see you guys playing a match against each other that flower actually wins!! sorry Creature but even a  blind squirrel  finds the nuts sometimes!! hahaha, just joking guys, great vlog , loving the content

  2. At the beginning of part one I was thinking konig seemed really sulky by the end of this part I'm team konig I'm afraid. Good job boys.
    Hell of a drive on 13!

  3. Did you pay him off to swing that aggressively on tee shots 😂 Birdie chances galore when he connects tho

  4. Golf is so tough even for pros and the crazy part is that we all think that we can play better tomorrow (myself first) 😂