After releasing a video on hand and wrist position during the swing here is one on what you should be looking for when they hinge upward.


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  1. I'm trying to actively set my wrists earlier for a couple of reasons. First, I don't get the clubshaft anywhere near parallel so then the club head seems to bounce more if I'm setting the wrists late. Second, when my set is later I tend to get the shaft going inside early and stuck behind me.

  2. Love!! My wrist hinge timing has been a major issue with me. It's all because I started thinking about when I do it naturally vs what is "right". For me a late set is part of my rhythm and helps to initiate the downswing with my lower body. You simplify things well Sir Peter Finch

  3. All of the sudden I don't release my wrists on time. Consequently my club digs the ground well before the ball! Very frustrating. I went form shooting 80's to 100's. From 300 yard drives to 250, maybe.

    If I use no wrist hinge, the swing is fine, but shorter distance.

  4. Peter, thanks for your videos. Question: i have trouble consciously hinging my wrists. But I believe I'm getting a good wrist hinge by simply having a proper grip, remaining tension free, and simply bending my right elbow from waist high to the top. Is this a proper way to achieve a good wrist hinge? Again, thanks so much for your videos. Appreciate your response.

  5. Really well explained Peter great vid, I have been working on adding wrist cock earlier in the swing and at the finish of my swing it absolutely feels robotic and strange however it does feel like a quicker swing and as I am chasing some  much needed distance feel its worth working on.

  6. I liked your move with the earlier set more. When it comes to spin rates have you seen any difference… driver in particular?

  7. I liked your move with the earlier set more. When it comes to spin rates have you seen any difference… driver in particular?

  8. Thanks Peter – are there any drills u can recommend to create the hinge? I feel that I probably grip the club too tight and because I only have about a three quarter swing I don't really get any hinge as my club tends to just point to the sky

  9. my technique is more of a "hybrid' approach. I give a conscious tweak of the wrist as the club gets to perpendicular and, once over the top, let the weight of the clubhead fully cock the wrist. I like to feel a tug on the wrist as I finish the backswing. It's kind of a signal for me to start the downswing.

  10. Hi, to not hinge the wrist quickly seems to make the swing larger or longer in a sense that the head club will have to travel more in space. But for me it looks not natural to do that kind of movement(hinge), also because i would have the impression to lose 'preparing release'. But the problem i have is by doing that naturally, i must feel the head club and let it guide the movement all way in the back, and need to adjust the right speed too, which is quite impossible

  11. count one and two your coiled and 3 make your move off the right instep of your right foot and just let it happen in opposite order

  12. hands move back online for 6 inches varies while cocking hip turn delayed then your at the top turn hip back towards target and let arms whip with wrists unlocking while forearms rotate thru impact when it's done right it's a uncoiling that feel effortless

  13. I like natural wrist cock myself it creates the swing feel that for me is absolutely necessary to make good contact

  14. I have a problem that my right leg on the backswing will bend out like a parenthesis mark( and it looks ugly and I want to get rid of it but I don't know how

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