Hip Movement In The Golf Swing

Hip movement in the golf swing with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about how turning your hips in a different way may improve your impact. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills from Mark Crossfield.

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  1. wow, great tip Mark! i've been struggling to get the early hip move toward the target, and it's likely because i squat down too much into my right hip. Great stuff!!!

  2. Hey mark, I have difficulty turning the hips due to disc damage in lower spine. Any suggestion if you have limited hip rotation..

  3. To be honest I didn't see a restricted hip turn. What do you mean by "sitting down into it"? Your hip turn was about the same (45°) with the hips also being fairly level.
    I'm a bit confused here…

  4. Is the right leg straightening through the back swing then driving forward.

    Watched this couple times and I'm clearly dumber than I thought.

  5. literally just had lesson on my hip turn- understand the concept was taught but every little helps so will try this as well
    thanks mark

  6. Always been told to keep hips quiet on back swing and have struggled with hip movement on downswing and into impact! Def give this tip a go tomorrow on the range, cheers Mark keep the awesome videos coming, loving the new camera work coach!

  7. Wow, very helpful, my miss is always left and I struggle with solutions to cure that. Was almost tempted to get my irons bent 1 or 2 degrees flat! I'll try this first because you have described what my hips do to a tee. Thanks!