Hip rotation in the golf swing. In this weeks Swing Analysis PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show James Evans hot to move his body better to improve his consistency and stop his hook shot.

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  1. ha, if you think THAT is a long backswing, you should have a look at mine :)

  2. like the set and point drill, will help him sync it up.  disagree with grip analyses, and i dont think his face was shut though at top.  just my thoughts/feedback

  3. Hi Piers and Andy. First off I just want to say well done on your videos they are fantastic and you guys give great tips and advice. I have two questions that hopefully may make it into a video some day. First one is, how do you read a green effectively. I have trouble doing it consistently. The second is, how should I use a 3 wood when on the fairway/semi rough. I hope you guys can help and well done again on the videos :)

  4. Hello!

    I have a question in regards to my driver. I know on impact I must be swinging up at the ball or at the very least at the bottom of my swing. My problem is I tend to swing down on the ball creating a lot of backspin sending it very high and then it plugs and gets no roll. I know exactly what I need to do but I don;t know how to fix it. I know that I am coming in too steep in my downswing. How do I fix this to swing up on the ball and to create more power and roll?

  5. Loving the videos guys. Your approach and commentary on the elements of the swing have really helped me to identify some swimg faults I have allowed to creep into my game. I struggle currently with a balanced finish and would love to know how I could improve this. One small criticism…I'd love to see you hit some of these balls you keep teasing and tickling on the tee!

  6. Hey, nice video! It would be nice of you to do a video about toe hits, i seem to hit the ball on the toe of every club i have, causing a hook sometimes. Ive tried to stand closer to the ball but i still seem to hit of the toe. Ive tried to find a video about toehits but havent found any. Would be thankful for tips!

  7. sorry for the off topic question but can you please recommend from experience what driver you think is the most forgiving/easiest to hit. im a 15 year old with a handicap of 26 and im only starting to hit a driver off the tee so any advice is appreciated. thank you