Hip Slide In The Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

Moving the hips laterally is something that occurs in every good golf swing. But when does that lateral movement, or slide, become the dreaded hip slide that nobody wants and so many golfers struggle with? A big part of what determines a good lateral move from a bad one in the golf swing is when it happens and why it’s happens.

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  1. The hips bump or slide a little to the target, but a good swing won't allow for too much hip sway of the hips to the target, because then you can't post up good on the lead leg and get that lead hip higher than the trail hip, getting good hip rotation. As the old saying goes, SWING IN A BARREL; nothing new here. But yes, pros definitely get that back hip higher in the BS, and then the lead hip higher in the follow through !!

  2. This is exactly what I was looking before, I recently asked you guys a question on another video , I was the person asking you about George gankas instruction. Your model you just posted in this video confirmed that what hes teaching is what's happening with a tour players hip movement. I said it before and i will say it again. NO ONE DEMONSTRATES ACCURATE TOUR SWING MOVEMENTS LIKE AMG DOES. You guys are the best at this. Very informative and beneficial! Keep it up AMG!