Hip Tilt & Slide In The Golf Swing

Knowing how to correctly tilt your hips during will greatly improve your ball-striking. Once you nail that, you’ll have no reason to fear hip slide in the golf swing.

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  1. Another great video will you please do a video on pressure on half and wedge shots? Really interested in seeing how the best move on these shots. Honestly thought thanks for the videos the early pressure into the lead leg has really helped.

  2. The way you showed lateral movement looked like a connected move that also moved your head forward as much as your hip, isn't that a bad thing? If I move my head 6 inches forward, I'm going to be ahead of the ball, please explain, thanks.

  3. I appreciate all these observations about arm motion and hip slide etc but I think it's a mistake to focus on these as an end in itself. The golf swing is a counterbalanced motion. The hips move the way they do because they are pulling the club, arms, and left side around as part of the golf swing. If you don't have one you won't be able to easily do the other. The observations you are pointing out are useful checkpoints but you cannot just focus on the hips without considering what happens to the arms etc.

    Along these lines, as a possible future video please consider looking into hitting versus swinging. Can you characterize these things? Is it possible to have a blend? Thanks, and I really do enjoy these videos.

  4. quality stuff man! when i used to have great ball striking, i used to "slide" as one semi pro level golfer told me. i got rid of the "slide" because of it. i lost 10 yards on all my irons and 50 yards on my driver (8iron/150, driver 270). something was wrong. slowly im trying to piece it back to where i was before.
    i've been watching ur vids and its the info i was looking for. tips and references with some scientific approach. thanks for another great vid!