Hip Tilts And Pressure Shifts In The Golf Swing

Does the tilting of the hips shift pressure forward in the golf swing? Great swings have both hip tilt and pressure shifts, but does one cause the other to happen… that’s what we hope to answer in this video.

Understanding how the pressure shifts (or how it doesn’t) has been responsible for enormous distance gains in both our amateur and professional golfers. It’ll be a big deal for your swing as well.

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  1. I noticed how planted and evenly spread out the left foot pressure is at impact from toe to heel. The foot seems to be rolling to the outside a bit but still very flat. Is that significant and something commonly seen in pros? I ask because I have a bad habbit of rolling up on my toes and trying to jump thats part of an early extension issue.

  2. Really like ALL the videos 🙂 Can you explain why the 'combined centre of pressure circle' so far left at left arm parallel on the downswing when the right foot looks more intense with red? Does that circle also mean 'weight' but pressure is still being pushed from right foot?