Hip Turn In The Golf Swing: How Much And When

If some is good, then a lot must be better. That’s how a lot of golfers we’ve talked to view the hip turn in their golf swing. And it makes sense UNTIL you start to consider the time restrictions we ALL have to deal with in our swings.

In this video, we’re going to take a look at this topic in a very practical way that might make more sense to you if you could use being more open at impact.

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  1. In your previous video on pros vs Ams swing rotation, your Am player went from 43 degrees closed at the top to 12 degrees open at impact. Your pro player went from 39 degrees closed at the top to 42 degrees open at impact. Would have have advised the amateur to turn less in the back swing to better match the pros impact position?

  2. It feels like these elements are joined to the swing methodology you're presenting. How you have developed a loading concept, transition, and now impact are all interwoven. There are a TON of elite , extremely powerful, ball strikers that are 45 degree, or more, open with there hips at impact. They present a bent right elbow with little face rotation before, during and after impact. This nets in a near zero path and options with the face. Their hands disappearing low and left into the body. I do have one ask: *** You guys need a swing model, show your pro or pic a pro. Make two videos. One using DTL analysis, and one Face On. Lets put some your 3d work into 2d views for a visual perspective we can create at home. You guys rock, thank you!

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