Hip Turn In The Golf Swing Lesson

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  1. what should be done if the hips are rotating too fast and the upper body is not able to synchronize with the hips or fire at the ball?

  2. Adam, I have been noting that a lot of good player do almost a slight sitting motion at the start of the downswing with their hips turning back around at the same time as the sit. This allows them to really use the ground to add explosive power at the ball. Your comments please.

  3. these great players are making a lateral move to the left on the way down, is the swing motion generally "up and down" or "side to side" in your opinion?

  4. Adam, I like the way you emphasize that we try drills without worrying where they go, 'have fun with it,' or swing without a ball even. I think you are a more feel type teacher. Every time I see your lessons I get a real good mental image of what you are explaining. Thank you.

  5. The Hogan sequence of hands, arms, shoulders and hips engages the hips at the right time for the 'weight shift'.

  6. The hip sway to the right has been my biggest swing killer by far. I have taken self videos and used the lines outside my hips and my right hip was moving several inches outside on the backswing. I was constantly hitting thin iron shots and taking no divots. Trying a more centered turn has definitely helped me with contact but it really feels strange compared to what I was used to. Love your videos as always and especially this one using the classic players

  7. Adam I am a senior and have only been playing for four years and really struggling but now I'm watching your videos and they are by far the best on the web. Can't wait to go to the range this weekend.