HITTING DRAWS WITH YOUR FEET GOLF TIP, Mark and Dan visit Mark Blackburn to learn from one of golfs best modern golf coaches. We are talking ground and how to use the ground for better golf swing and longer golf shots. Improve your golf swing with simple and easy to follow golf tips for golfers wanting good knowledge with measured truths.

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  1. Fellow "Alabamian" here! Great to see you guys in 'Bama and very interesting stuff here! Was always taught to keep the pressure more on the balls of our feet and off the heel. Love the technical stuff.

  2. I love golf and I want to play better. I have highish swing speed because i'm athletic but poor face control, thus I am a high (26) handicapper- constantly blocking or hooking my drives OB among other (fat/thin iron) issues. I take lessons and they don't seem to help much. Realizing there is no "swing tip" that will fix my problems, any quick advice you have to point me in the right direction? – I feel I could play much better.

  3. I was literally thinking about this today when I was on the range, and now this very informational video pops up. Thanks Mark (x2) & Dan

  4. Mark clearly did this deliberately to hurt Dan on the way to Beth Page to win some of that Craps money. What's next, asking if he breaths in on backswing and out on the downswing?

    Awesome stuff

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