In this golf video I talk about cocking the wrists on the backswing like Ben Hogan, which automatically sets a slight cup in my wrist. Then, we get a flashback to the MSE Intensive in Tampa with a number of wonderful golfers.

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  1. You can't cock your wrists without creating a cup. If you don't cock the wrists, you're losing a lot of power. A lot. However, I personally can't cock my wrists and come back through to square without a fairly strong grip. The mystery for me (as far as Hogan was concerned), is how he got back to square with such a weak grip.

  2. Mr Garcia, do you still use the hogan roll on the way down? Because it’s transformed my game I’m shooting in the low 80s to high 70s now but I have to focus on my hands to do it any tips. Ps thanks to you for the way my game is now coming from a 16 to a 12 hc

  3. Hi garcia. I'm big fan of your golf swing! when i check the impact moment of my driver swing, the shaft is until tilt toward backside. what am i supposed to do this situation. do i have to change the shaft? it is 6s shaft

  4. To me, wrist cock is right hand but the hinge is left hand. On backswing hinge is dominant, recock is dominant at impapact

  5. Hey Christo enjoyed that explanation on the wrists as it is something that I have also toyed with. I have found cupping on the longer and mid length clubs helps me produce a more consistent ball flight. But found the wedges tend to balloon right. I might give the bowed wrist ago on those shots as you described.

    I am finally in a position to buy some Fort Worth irons currently playing Mizuno JPX Tours. I have noticed they only have the black version now in fixed lofts. Can’t find any reviews of them outside of Ben Hogan. Have you any seen, heard anything or hit them. Am undecided on the dark finish the chrome looked so awesome. Thanks again for all your work have been following you now consistently for about 3 years. Have come from 16 down to 4 and loving it. Keep it up.