Ben Hogan said famously “the arms come along for the ride” and I discuss it in this golf lesson.

The next MSE Intensive is June 22nd, and 23rd in Pasadena, at Eaton Canyon Golf Club.

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One year after opening the MSE Academy, and after dozens of clinics and MSE Intensives, I have finally produced an instructional video with the entire My Swing Evolution Golf System that I teach my students from all around the world. I believe this common sense approach to learning how to rebuild your golf swing is one of a kind. This video is over two hours long, with 3 separate levels to dig into and many drills. Level 1 is everything I needed to know to break par. Level 2 and 3, take you deeper into the nuances of MSE swing theory.

My email is christo@myswingevolution.com!

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  1. He is trying to hit the ball instead of throw the club. We throw things from the ground up. Mr Hogan threw a basketball. Throwing clubs is a great idea.

  2. The golf swing is rife with counterintuitives.
    If at the top of your backswing you think of rotating your chest down to the ball, the left hip will clear itself.
    Keep the arms and elbows in position, and rotate the chest down to the ball. The left hip must clear. Rather that trying to
    clear the hip first….. just another way of looking at it.
    BTW Christo, no more losing weight.

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