Hot to Hit Your Driver Farther with Tony Luczak, PGA, Lesson Golf


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  1. So you hit the ball in the same spot so what are we to take from this video? Besides it being free.

  2. B, It Just seems like your ball speed should be significantly higher. Could it be as simple as a driver fitting? I almost never believe that the equipment is the issue but if path and face are pretty well matched up then I think that the club is the next thing to address right?

  3. 112mph giving 158ball mph =1.41 smash factor as the max is 1.5 i think your doing ok. Is chasing that last 10mph of ball speed worth it. Concentrate on scoring 100 yds in instead imho

  4. Whats you AOA? path to face is pretty well matched. AOA is the only other thing I can think of.