Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about golf clubs and how offset in irons might help your golf game. Mark spends the day thinking and sharing his thoughts on offset in golf clubs and how they could help your hit the golf ball higher and maybe with less slice. Or maybe its up to you to make a good golf swing to stop that slice golf shot.

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  1. Not a fan of offset but dont mind a little but i guess its to get your hands in front of you ball? I can move left or right offset or not as i used ping ISI coppers for a long time and i used to move the ball both ways . I wouldnt want to game that now, i game titleist MBs older ones AND callaway X22 pro's both same shafts projectX – Mark i find strike + speed creates spin but even on small shots i can swing slower and nail the strike and get great spin?

  2. I just bought the M2 2017 irons.. I seem to be pulling them more then my old irons.. my miss is more a duck hook then a slice

  3. Off set does not worry me but to much will go left as my blades are easier to work left to right or right to left

  4. How far the shaft is in front of the face. Helps some players close the face. Personally i can't play it after playing minimal offset for years

  5. Can anybody tell me why i hit offsets to the left, other than me sucking? Lol. Recently switched to them, because i got a great deal, and my Mizuno MP 13 blades are ancient. Offset Rocketbladez now, and they go left, and less lofted?? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

  6. Mark: I think you're looking at offset the wrong way. When most high handicappers address the ball…they naturally align the toe and the hosel…rather than the leading edge…behind the ball. On player's blades with no offset…the leading edge runs straight between the toe and hosel. Whereas…on an offset iron the leading edge will already be in a closed position when the toe and hosel are aligned. You can get the same effect with a player's iron by addressing the ball with a strong grip that closes the clubface at address. Both of these conditions produce draw spin…making it easier for high handicappers to achieve a closed face at impact. So…it's not a matter of the offset allowing extra milliseconds to get the face closed…it's more a matter of the face already being slightly closed at address. If you're having trouble visualizing what I'm talking about. Take one of each type of iron…and align the hosel and toe rather than the leading edge and you will immediately see the difference. On the player's iron the hosel, leading edge and toe will all line up…whereas on the offset club when the hosel and toe are lined up…the leading edge will be closed in relation. Let me know what you think.

  7. I use a callaway razr x with loads of offset. I actually don't hit them very well and I'm looking for a set of irons with less offset but still with offset nonetheless

  8. So, if cavity back and lots of offset equals much forgiveness, how then does Ping G700 , with no cavity and somewhat less offset than earlier models perform so well? Higher, longer and some testers say, straighter than my Ping G20s. I want my distance back! Getting older, seven iron used to go 150-155, now I need 6 iron for that.

  9. I’ve used a Mizuno MP57 irons forever and hit it fairly, consistently straight. A few months ago, while on a business trip, I had the chance to play golf. I rented clubs which was the Taylor Made M2 irons. I noticed that the offset was pretty significant to my Mizunos. The whole day I kept hitting it to the left. It was driving me crazy. I assumed it was the offset. I didn’t want to change my swing and grip so I ended up aiming 10 yards to the right. Am I correct to assume it is the strong offset of the M2?
    Love your videos Mark. You should come to Hawaii oneway and play some of our courses.

  10. Paused at 1:31 to comment, I have a BIT of an extreme fade /slice problem. Bought a used 3wd the other day, discovered it is offset left. I hit more draws but if I keep my trail hand under and don't fire my hips through at contact, I still get a massive cut shot. Defo helps at least 20% though!

  11. tested out irons last week. Kept an open mind. Hit AP1, AP2 and AP3. AP1 were consistently draws. Ap2 were consistently baby fades and AP3 were straight to tiny draws. I had no idea about the offset when I tested them but I found it quite astonishing. I got me a set of AP3's. I can move the ball both directions but my stock shot was definitely effected by the offset.

  12. Great video…. thanks for the info. I still have G5”s and I get high ball flight, great yardage also. Will watch your next video “when to change clubs” as just loving my golf again…. keep em coming…

  13. Again, great vlog Mark, I knew my old G10's were offer and my existing G400's are offset but until watching this didn't really know what the offset did. To answer your question at the end, I love the offset, anything that helps me to get a good launch angle has to be beneficial, I have tried blades n the range and if I connect well, they are great but it's the "if" word, I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable or confident using a set of blades in the monthly medal etc!! Also the G400's ar stronger lofted than the G10's and I have seen quite a dramatic increase in distance with each iron.