How Good is your golf swing? Quick test to see if your doing it right!!!

This video discusses 5 things you should be doing in your golf swing. Are you doing them? I often see many golfers doing three of the five but only the better golfers manage to do all five. So lets take the quiz and see how many of these five things your dong.

The five things are, posture having the correct posture is really important as it creates a decent spine angle in which you can rotate around.

The grip simply focus on getting the club in the fingers on your lead arm don’t worry too much about how man knuckles are showing etc…

Weight transfer and weight pressure is massive, without shifting pressure correctly then you will always be struggling to find consistency in your golf swing and will never get a repeatable tempo and therefore never get a simple and easy golf swing.

Hip rotation in the downswing is probably the biggest problem I see with most amateur golfers, if you don’t lead with the lower body in the downswing then you’ll always struggle with an early release or an over the top movement in your golf swing.

Hip rotation not only gives you power but also gives you a consistent golf swing which will be sequenced perfectly each time.

Hip rotation also helps you create a more powerful but effortless golf swig enabling you to compress the golf ball and hit the ball before the turf.

Right wrist extension, helps the clubface stay square in your golfswing, helps you create more lag, helps you swing the club more on plane, helps you create a shallowing of the golf club, and helps you get a late hit so your hitting the ball first then turf.

So if your trying to improve your handicap, play better in golf tournaments, break 100, 90, 80 or even 70 then you need to start introducing these simple golf tips into your game, these golf tips will help perfect your golf swing.

So if your trying to shallow the golf club, improve hip rotation, shoulder rotation, understand how the shoulders move in the golf swing, looking to compress the golf ball, and get a perfect impact position, hit the golf ball further, and release the golf club with effortless power then this video is for you.

So watch this golf lesson now and see if your doing any of the movements right.

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  1. something I found recently a straight left arm on the back swing I find really helps u feel more solid and compact and hit the ball better