In todays Impact Show we discuss the importance of the back swing with PGA professional Andrew Rice. We know that the down swing is what hits the ball but if you can prime your down swing by having a few key, core elements which can improve your back swing then it will surely make you more consistent. Andrew makes some great points that will help develop a more consistent repeatable golf swing.

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  1. Nice video.

    I have a question.I'm a 20 handicapper and myy back swing is very short. I'm 20 years old so I should be flexible and such but at the top of my backswing my left arm is parallel (ish) to the ground mainly because I feel like my chest is in the way of my left arm( not literally, but I do feel my arm pressing against my peck)

    I hit 160-165 yards with my 6 iron so I guess it's not a big deal, but maybe I could be hitting more

    Should I stretch or something to get a longer backswing?

  2. great vid guy's, we've just started a YouTube channel ourselves,our latest vid is golf vs footgolf,if yourselves or any of your viewer's would like to have a look it would be very much appreciated!!!

  3. Mr Proudman, Mr Ward, thank you for your awesome videos, they show golf as the sport it is in my opinion.
    Have a good day and keep that great work up.

  4. Hello guys
    is it the same swing (backswing and downswing ) with All of clubs ? driver include?
    thanks or your answer

  5. Me and my golf I love the videos can you help me I seem to always hit my driver from the toe please help

  6. Good stuff guys like always. Finally took your advice and went for a lesson with a local pro. And that one on one really makes a difference thanks for the advice and will keep watching these videos to get even better.

  7. I'm a beginner golfer how do I get better at driving the ball I'm OK with short game its just driving the ball please help thanks

  8. love the work on feel elements here but these are also things that are very hard to on your own it is a find a good teaching pro

  9. I have a little question. When we talk about ball position is that relation to the feet, hips or shoulders?…. I have scoliosis (curve of the spine) so as I stand over the ball (I'm right handed) and look down my hips are further to the right than my shoulders so I've been wondering for example whether a central ball position should be to my shoulders or my hips.