How Long Does It Take To Get Used To New Golf Clubs?

How long does it take to get used to new golf clubs? theres no better feeling than taking a brand new driver out of the box, or a brand new set of irons, or wedges or even a new putter. we always hope we have a honeymoon period but thats not always the case. Sometimes people are scared of using their new golf clubs and put off actually using them… until they “get used to them” so how long should it take for you to get used to your new golf clubs? lets find out… and lets do it now.

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  1. I got a new driver and 5 wood custom fitted for me at Golftec. It took me about a month to dial them in. Got Pin G400 max and a 5 wood. Kept my Cobra 3 wood because I like the rails on the bottom of it. Helps me hit it out of the rough.

  2. I used to use a set of Yonex vmas 260's not custom fit but struggled with the long irons sometimes. Decided to get something newer afew years ago so got some Cleveland 588mt's £100 Sports Direct no custom fit again. Took afew rounds to get use to them but love them. I'm regripping the Yonex's for next year just to try out again. Playing different clubs and making them work will broaden my golfing experience.

  3. I have had my new clubs for 2 months and I really know it was the correct time to change.   being in the
    Sr age (72) I needed to get fitted to see if my older ping eye 2 irons with stiff shafts or should change to  regular shafts and newer irons would help me.  They did help.   I am hitting greens like I did when I was 50..   It was about 60 days to get use to the new irons.    Now I am trying a new driver…  Ping G400 max we will see  Thanks for being on line.  it's fun to watch.Jim

  4. Going back in time. Nicky Price in his prime was asked how often would you change golf clubs. Response, during trial need to hit 8 out of 10 shots better with the alternative club.

  5. I got a new set of p790’s in August and have improved quite a lot. Now I don’t know wether the clubs(which were fitted) have improved me or wether the fact I want to hit them every 5 mins hence going to the range a lot more now has improved me🤔🤔. Either way, at least hitting them on a monitor or a range before buying is a must!!! Great videos. Keep it up

  6. When I changed to AP1 from Yonex in 2016 it was a disaster ended up with a nasty 'Shank'… now sorted after a year and a lesson. However just put TS2 3 wood in and was so consistent at the fitting but struggling a bit at the moment. Might need another lesson….

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