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  1. The pricing is embarrassing since these are just golf clubs in my opinion. They have no special engine, no special perpetual movement etc…referring to some metaphors! Nice, yes, if you like the look. Well build, yes, most probably! But in the end golf clubs, very similar to other great golf clubs. If they were as outstanding as claimed, I guess they would produce winners every weekend out there on the tour… But, you all know the answer to that. Great marketing of an assumed good product in a short period of time! That I will give pxg!

  2. The only people who play them are people who get them for free, and rich people. There lack of presence on tour speaks volumes.

  3. It's like everything out there. It's all about the status symbol. You can wear a watch that's a Guess watch or you can wear a Rolax watch. They both do the same thing, tell you the time. It's just the means of how much you willing to spend and the appearance you wanna show to people. Pxg are up there. But the bottom line is whatever you get it'll do the same thing and that whatever product you get is not gonna make you better in performance. That's all on you.

  4. It’s already been tested again and again .. they do not perform any better or worse then titleist Callaway Taylor made etc etc …this company will be out of business in 10 years. The problem is they will inflate the market or create some new segments of overpriced equipment from the bigger companies.. only way this goes away is the d-bags with money to blow on equipment that doesn’t give them any advantage but does get them the looks . Stops buying it . It’s ridiculous

  5. My son got PXG irons and wedges last August…totally worth it for him. He is a plus 3 and his ball striking improved tons. I am a 4 and did not think they were worth it for me…but I looked at it as an investment for his future. He is 16 and is looking to play golf for a career…so is it worth it? Totally depends on your situation. He thinks so.

  6. I thought it would be even more expensive.
    I don’t have that kindof money, but some people do
    (They MIGHT not be watching YouTube…)

  7. ($$)^_^($$) Surround yourself with that much high dollar gear and you too can be part of the "in crowd". If it takes that kind of dough to be able to golf than I guess "some people" are willing to throw it down. Parsons doesn't seem to have any problem selling his clubs. I unfortunately can't afford them. I'll just have to stick with my Mizunos and slum it. 😉

  8. As a result of this madness other manufacturers have put another 1 or 2 hundred quid on their iron sets over the last few years. Disgrace

  9. Turning up on medal day and getting licked by someone with a set of fasers. Straight on ebay "only used once as I didn't get on with them"

  10. I love all of the complaints about PXG – do you guys also jump on Porsche owners when you see them? Or Ferrari perhaps?

    If you do, you've never driven either – and you probably haven't hit a PXG iron.

    Not sure why some folks love to hate on things that they haven't experienced for themselves, or just disagree with. If you don't want them, don't buy them, just like you won't pick up the new Porsche Carrera….