How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs?

In this week’s Tech Tuesday we look at how often you should be changing your golf clubs following a new video circulated by Titleist around their Vokey wedges.

Titleist Vid –

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  1. An old pitching wedge is great for clearing out a bunged up grass chute on a ride on mower, just saying

  2. I am going to get my 4th set of clubs in 14 years. Reason for this is the first set just didn't feel right to me. They were a set of topflight graphite shafts on the low end. I then switched to a TopFlight with steel shafts. This felt okay to me and the entire set came complete where the first set only had a 3 wood and 3-9 PW SW. The second set had a 1w 3 w and a 5w totaling 14 clubs. My next set was only irons bought used. A set of Callaway BB Fusions with graphite shafts. These felt really nice to me so I added in the woods and a putter and lastly as I got more time on the course a couple of gap wedges. Now that I have had these clubs for a few years now the shafts are starting to have problems and I have now lost my 6 iron due to shaft failure. So I am going to reward myself with some higher end clubs to me. A set of Mizuno Hot Metals are on the short list along with the Callaway XR's and Apex models. I am leaning towards the Hot Metal though for just the feel of the ball strike.

  3. I'm playing Hogan Directors from 1980…
    You saying I might as well have house bricks on end of a broom shaft!

  4. For those of u wanting a longer fairway wood. Use it more, each time play with it the thinner the face gets and the hotter the face gets and it goes farther

  5. Putter: why wouldn't it last forever? I only changed because I learned a little more about my stroke etc. I've gone to a shorter putter with a face balanced head in a mallet shape with a sight line. I'll stick with it until somebody convinces me that this type of thinking is rubbish 🙂

  6. Interesting Harrington changes his wedges every 3 tournaments was a nightmare in van running out of not an option lol I'm trying out some pink golf balls 😉 that's my big change maybe I'll get bubba long 😉

  7. Hi finch. Current clubs are
    10yo callaway BB irons.
    10yo BB 7wood
    5yo BB rescue wood
    4yo taylormade R1
    Ping putter (very old but works brilliantly)
    Just ordered myself a set of AP3 irons after a fitting and 54’ and 60’ wedges. Looking at the Taylor made M2 driver as well 🤙 great videos bud keep em coming 🤘

  8. Instructors/marketers just like this one want you to believe golf is a performance game. It's not. For most people, it's a feel game. Play what feels good to you.

  9. I replace all of my clubs every year when Taylor made makes something better. Gives me fresh groves, new look, and more confidence. I just sell my old clubs on eBay, and since I get a 40% discount off TM, I can practically upgrade for free. But, I usually do keep my putter.

  10. Lol I have the first gen Ap2s but I still love them! My vokeys are about 6 years old 😬 probably need to switch them out soon

  11. My set is at least 15 years. My driver is 20 (The very same ping model Rick tested in a video) and I'm crying when I hit the balls. Upgrade incoming 🙂

  12. As a person who has been using TaylorMade Burner Plus irons from 2013. I have never been able to get a consistent shot and I’m about 15 handicap so that could just be on me.

    But this may sound like a stupid question. But these clubs have a huge club face with a far toe and very bulky and I hit that club face all over the place. Do you think irons with a smaller face would reduce the risk of hitting a lot of toe shots