How to become a PGA Tour Player (Complete) Total Swing Understanding

Here is the full video. Enjoy 🙂 dm Plus you need to look out for some videos towards the end that were never released. #hammertime

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  1. Without a doubt the most helpful golf video i have found yet. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hi Dave, can't fault your commitment or your passion. Really great videos, which I'll start to work on today 14.03.17. Will keep you updated as to progress.

    Many thanks


  3. Same old positional golf that doesnt work. Its why equipment is so much better than ever but we still have the same percentage of people that cant break 100.

  4. This video has been so very helpful, BUT, he demonstrating a "Stable Release", and most of the pros that he's using for an example are using a "Roll Release". there are different types of golf swing techniques that top pros use, and they are all very effective. but for over 20 years and hundreds of golf tips, i'm just now finding out that my game sucks because I have been combining tips for at least 2 or 3 swing styles or techniques. we are amateurs, we don't know that's why we are seeking help, for example. one piece and two piece takeaways ? and I've been using this video since last summer and I just found out that I'm using a roll release when it appears as though he is teaching a stable release.
    I hope that he would clarify this in a later video. this video got me more consistently in the 80s so a tip on the clubhead release may help me to break 80 this summer.

  5. Video is well done. Golf videos seem to follow a similar sequence I would like to see a video that covers in detail how golf clubs are designed to work. I can swing a hammer all day, but if I'm not hitting the nail with the correct end of the hammer it will never work. The video I would like see removes the golfer from the picture and shows the golf club angle correctly set at address, followed by how the golf club looks at impact. When you show the golfer hitting a ball there are to many variables based on the golfers method of hitting the ball. All the other details are striving to get the tool into position to hit the ball in the most efficient manner.