Once again Chris answers your questions on the golf swing. Todays video covers the downswing and more specifically how you should begin the downswing.

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  1. Good stuff only thing I would say is the golfer also flexing his wrist causing the straightening of the club

  2. pretty common but do you have any personal tips on how to learn from/save a bad round? Content is awesome and to the point! Keep it coming ✊🏾✊🏾

  3. Chris, very good content. I just video myself to last 2 range sessions and had identified exact the same problem, shaft a lot steeper in the down swing. But I saw on my videos 2 more problems, which may or may not have an influence on that move. One, I move my back forewards (closer to the ball) in the downswing and second I drop my head too much.

  4. … sorry, not finished my comment… Chris, do you think that your drill and the left knee movement would help and cure my other 2 problems as well or would you recommend other drills to help to improve?

    Keep on doing your YouTube work, one of the (maybe the) best !!!

  5. Hi Chris, I wondered if it's possible to open up hips too quickly to start downswing causing an over the top move…but I'm guessing by using the lead knee as the initiator this is prevented? Also, you can get a similar position to the knee separation look by sitting into lead leg a bit as the initiator (slight squat move).

  6. I've suffered for many years with coming over the top and getting the club too steep in the down swing, which after watching this video was clearly being caused by my trailing leg following my lead leg as I 'bumped' my hips to initiate the down swing. Great easy to follow advice Chris, your videos are really making a difference as at long last I'm truly starting to understand the key steps in creating a consistent, repeatable swing. Thank you 👍

  7. My fault to the letter!!Im off to the range later and will report back on the results of this drill ASAP. I've had a lesson which was great but think this will fine tune it and get me right touch wood..

  8. Hi Chris, I really appreciate and enjoy all of your work. Thank you. I know that you have talked about pressure shift before but in your opinion, would shifting pressure to the rear foot and lifting the lead heal a little during the backswing be a worthwhile or bad thing to practice to encourage a ground up downswing?

  9. Thx Ryan! A Snead squat👍. Sun is up. Beautiful weather heading out to driving range. I think you nailed my move regarding my trail leg [right one]. It tends to follow the lead and leave me hanging behind.
    Thats why never felt I had any good leg work. I try to put just the thumb and two fingers on trail arm preventing me from a throw or casting action also. By doing so I prevent any "muscle" move from the top. Thanks again!

  10. Chris. Another great lesson. Can you talk about how this left knee action eventually leads to the “ rolling” motion of the lead foot? Also how this lead knee motion leads to the endpoint of the trail foot onto the toes as we face the target in the follow through sequence. Thank you for your instruction.

  11. I have arthritis in my left knee and I'm right handed. Is there a way to get my hips to turn without putting pressure on my knee?

  12. The pump drill for this is great. The challenge is practicing it correctly and repeatedly. Very difficult to do without multiple pump drills throughout a bucket or buckets. If you’re steep, this will take while. Watch that trail leg!

  13. Awesome video, exact problem I was dealing with 6 months ago. Doing this, has revolutionized my consistency

  14. Spot on.
    All your videos have been helpful to me. For me, it is still not a replacement for the hands on instruction I am getting. It is a fantastic supplement, reinforcing what I am already learning. Sometimes things explained differently will sink in better.
    In this concept and drill I (and I think this is the case for a lot of hackers like me) the tendency is to let the club head come down early and to not really understand the importance of keeping the wrists hinged longer.
    Your pump drill demonstrates that very well and I think really helps train the body and mind to the concept of keeping those wrists hinged til the very end.
    I think that if you focus on keeping those wrists hinged when doing the pump drill (and swinging) the hips and body will start to initiate that movement by default.
    Once again, thanks for all your videos. They are very helpful.
    Andy Hallonquist @AndrewHGolf