How to Break 90 in Golf – Shot by Shot 84 with Steve

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This time we run through Steve’s round in the 80’s which could easily have been 80 or sub 80 with a few tweaks.

We learned where he lost a couple of shots that would be easy to correct and avoid in the future – similar to what my other videos outline.

Some additional things in the video:
1. Play to your strengths. Until you’re breaking 80 regularly, just play your shot shape and don’t worry about needing to shape it like a Tour pro.
2. Make a better club choice off the tee if you really can’t hit your natural shot with a longer club.
3. Two-putt lag putting is essential on every green.
4. Split those distances if the green is out of range by laying up to a distance you can hit your favorite club.
5. Get a GPS app or watch to measure your true distances and keep notes of your distances.
6. Once you know your distances, a rangefinder can really help you knock it close.
7. Try using lower lofted clubs for chipping around the greens instead of a LW all the time which is difficult to hit consistently and judge spin and roll-out with.

The introduction of the GolfShot App into my game for tracking score, distances of clubs, fairways, greens, putts has been amazing and GPS is great for measuring true distances you hit your ball instead of the Total Yardage minus Distance Left to the Pin = Drive Distance formula we always use.

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  1. Regarding the snail dew trails, you can also tell the break near the cup by the grass wear on the lip. If it's really burnt out on one side bode caution.

  2. How much did it cost to play there? Are the ladies that push your bags included in the price?

  3. Really great vlog. I need to learn to play more ‘boring‘ golf and am sure my handicap could really shoot down. Any round my scores on par 4s can range from pars to triples at the moment.