How To Build A One Plane Golf Swing – Part 2 The Backswing

GOLF TIP: How To Build A One Plane Golf Swing – Part 2 The Backswing.
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Ged Walters PGA Golf Coach, Trafford Golf Centre, Manchester presents part 2 in a series of videos showing you how to build a one plane golf swing looks at the backswing.

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  1. Hi Ged..Really enjoying the informative videos mate.Part 2 backswing you don't mention anything about wrist set can you address this for myself.IE where should I set then.Thanks Lee West Ayr Belleisle Golf Club

  2. Hi Ged, I found that taking the club back through the bicep plane a bit too flat and struggled to make good contact consistently. After raising the plane up a bit so it's through the bottom of the shoulder I have been striking the ball really well. Why would this be? Thanks.

  3. I fussed and fidgeted with the proper tilt, realizing that nothing was discussed about the arms and hands hanging down at address.  People thinking about one plane swings tend to lock the hands in a straight line with the shaft and extend arms quite far away from the body – sort of reaching for the ball.  I did best when I remembered that Hogan tells us to push the arms toward each other at address, and keep them pressed tight to the upper part of the body.  But for me I made an adjustment by keeping the arms tight to the body only near the shoulder-chest triangle because I am older and stockier these days.

  4. Hi, Ged. Love your channel. Been watching all your one plane videos, and I was wondering if you follow Jim Hardy's school of thought. I ask because I am very familiar with Jim Hardy and his one plane method and your is pretty much identical in all aspects, except maybe you get to the positions with some different feels, but you still get there. Anyway I been struggling getting my back swing together and consistent, my wrist just don't feel comfortable and seems like they don't hinge naturally.

    I watched your wrist hinge video , so I will try and keep at it. I seem to hit really straight shots, then as my backswing starts to get to narrow and flat it starts hooking and if I get little to steep I tend to slice some, not allot but I'd prefer straight 🙂

  5. Ged, I'ts hard to tell but are you keeping your arms more in front of you and setting it on plane by turning your chest and shoulders at the same time, or do you do more like Jim Hardy's school of thought and set it with the arms, by allowing the left arm to naturally go back towards the seam of your shirt while your left arm stays tight?

    With Hardy I know he teachers to use your arms first, then chest starts to turn after your left arms has pulled tight. But you look a little like your starting the backswing with your chest and shoulders and arms kinda at the same time, more connected I guess. Do you ever feel like your arms move on around more then your chest turns? Thanks again Ged, your videos have really helped my ball striking, and now I am just at the point of trying to really fine tune it for more straight repetitive shots.

  6. Hi Ged
    when making the backswing trying to maintain the spine tilt I find my weight is going out onto my toes too much, could this be due to not enough hip turn?

  7. Fantastic tip Ged .tried this swing today shot 7 under my 19hc cant wait to play again thanks so much

  8. I've seen other teachers set up to the ball with the arms perfectly straight to preset the impact position so the arms stay on plane thru the impact area.

  9. how is this a one plane golf swing?? your set up is totally conventional set up… sounds like you are reading out of Ben Hogan's book…

  10. this is how I swing these days. I have more of a K set up at address. It took me about two years to switch to a one plane swing but it has paid off incredibly. My distance on every club exploded and now have the same swing/swing thoughts on every club from the open wedge to the Driver. It takes a while to learn the feeling of your right elbow staying attached to your right hip. But once I did I have turned into a real golfer. One tip I can give if you don't hinge your wrists than much, you have to rehearse throwing the club back on plane like crazy. If the momentum of the backswing doesn't go into the hinge, your right elbow will detach and move up and you'll go above the plane. Something has to give on the back swing. If not the hinge, your elbow will fly away. ( a little isn't the worst thing)

  11. Due to flexibility issues, I can only manage a 45deg shoulder turn. Do I then just stop my arms at this limit or do I try and push the arms back further?