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How To Chip & Pitch A Golf Ball – 2 Common Pitfalls SOLVED

This video is about How To Chip & Pitch A Golf Ball. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.



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Gary Guerrero says:

Great drills on the chip and pitch! Thank you Adam!

Adam Flynn says:

an area i am struggling for consistency..many thanks!

Ryan Hampton says:

hey great job

Tom Smart says:

Very simple advice. This is the best site that I have found for best instructions and less chatter!

nahshon cline says:

Fantastic content as always!

Randy Smith says:

Good clearly explained advice, thanks

Bill Collie says:

Ha ha. Throwing a club in the house. Otherwise good stuff

Bill Collie says:

Don't know if you've heard this drill ? Grab the club 6 inches or so from the bottom and keep it of your hips on the follow through. Good one for keeping on plane and working the shoulders properly


Very good lesson

Carlos Melville says:

Very true, taking the club back behind & getting off plane is such an unnatural movement when chipping, it's startling how many golfers suffer from it as I used to, the club throwing drill makes a lot of sense in making people understand the correct plane that they should be on, thanks Adam, great work.

Geep1778 says:

You do need to come inside just a bit though no? Good lesson tho you handsome sob???? I bet the lady clients love you down in Naples

Dustin says:

good drills for consistency. I tend thrive with my short game on day and then suffer the next. thanks Adam.

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