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► Michael Harris asks the question how to clean your golf clubs and offers some of the tips and tricks to help you keep yours in the best shape possible

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  1. Warm soapy water is excellent at cleaning all manor of things.
    Golf clubs, cars, dishes, hands etc. I’m just glad someone has taken the time to get this info out there. Good job.

  2. Clean by clubs in the bath room, and I would find them in the bin , and confined to my bed room for six weeks with my wife 😀😀

  3. Many golf motor carts in the USA have a club & ball washer mounted onto it. When I drive it to the parking lot to load my car, I give the clubs a once over, and then put the bag in the car. If I forget, or the cart has no club washer, then they get cleaned with the water-bottle-brush I have hanging from the towel ring of my golf bag. I clean my clubs before I clean myself . It's a ritual for me as well.

  4. I would NEVER advise cleaning clubs in your wash basin like this…yes warm soapy water but put it in a bucket…u let ur soapy iron slip out your hand and you just cost yourself a cracked/chipped basin and the rest of your life with your wife telling every1 how you wrecked the bathroom.
    The tips are good but the basin is an accident waiting to happen.
    Also for cleaning slightly older grips instead of sandpaper use a cheap (supermarket brand) facial scrub…they remove oils and have little particles in that act just like the sandpaper but they work better 👍

  5. This is important. I think tour players wash after every round ( caddys) I use also multipurpose plant based spray cleaner to get grease off. If you have scratch in wood clubs you can use a car paint pen to repair them.

  6. Don't use really hot water as it softens the glue that holds the shaft and also the glued on weights .

  7. Thank you. New to golf and definitely need to get in the habit of cleaning them and was unsure how to do it. ☺️

  8. Its easy to keep clubs clean in the course. Simply go down to boots and buy a nail brush and a small (50ml) spray bottle. Fill with water and use on a club when necessary. Job done!