How to create a good posture for your golf swing. In this video Piers and Andy talk about the importance of creating a neutral pelvis at set up to help create a good posture and golf swing

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  1. The key for me is in the relationship between the ankles and the trochanter, get that wrong and the rest can't work.

  2. Good lesson, it is amazing how much good posture can help your golf swing! I am about to buy new clubs for the first time and I was hoping you guys could give me some tips on what I should look for in the golf clubs when I go to the shop to try them out. I have been playing with an ancient set of Titleist DCI's and plan on looking at a set of Titleist, but I am very open to any brand. Thanks guys! Love the show and keep up the good work! 

  3. I live in Texas in the USA, it was in 70's this weekend!
    I shot +16. Not bad, need more consistency in my game.

  4. Hi Piers and Andy its Dion Pattison, ive just uploaded 2 videos of my swing on my channel, could you please check it out and leave a comment maybe how to improve thanks, hope to see you soon.

  5. wow. i went to hit balls earlier and just watched this tip. this is exactly what i was doing wrong (s-position). i'll be correcting it now.  thanks, guys!

  6. What up Andy and Piers! I shot my first round under par on Sunday! -1 through 9. And it was from the blues 😉 14 putts. 1 bogey, 7 pars, 1 eagle. No doubt you guys have influenced my game. Love the vids. I hope to play with you guys someday. Peace!

  7. Hey Guys, love what you're doing here. My mates and I watch your vids all the way from Australia and try to put them into practice.
    So…… All my friends hold the clubs the normal way, where i hold mine 'cock-handed' (right hand under instead of over) and get a lot of jokes from the guys, even tho most of time i play better then them.
    I like it cause it's different and you don't normally see it around. Have you got any advice for me as i tend to slice the ball but other times it will fly straight. I know that this is one of the down falls for my grip, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  8. No problems playing here in Portugal… beautiful sunshine; I was able to play saturday and mondaty :-). My results???  very bad… 122 shots. I have not an handicap yet.

  9. Hey guys, I'm a Canadian golfer whose about a 14 handicap. Until this year I haven't ever played with a driver and since adding it to the bag I've really really struggled. My natural swing path encourages a little bit of a fade (short irons pretty straight, long irons and fairway metals slight fade) but I'm SUPER slicing this new driver. I don't know if I need to be changing my swing with the driver or not. Its driving me crazy and I was wondering if you could suggest some tips I can take to the range to work on. I've watched pretty much every video you have on correcting the slice but I can't seem to figure this thing out! Any help would be great! Thanks chaps

  10. Great video with the posture comes the distance you stand from the ball at address. Please can you show this and is it the same for all heights as i am 6'4". Cheers