How to Develop Rhythm & Tempo in Your Golf Swing

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Rhythm and tempo is the glue that not only makes a song melodious, but it’s what holds together the mechanics of the golf swing as well.

Even if you have perfect golf swing mechanics, without proper rhythm and tempo, it’s just going to be like a bunch of mechanical blocks that don’t work together, just like the song I demonstrated.

But, develop a smooth rhythm and tempo and your mechanics actually don’t have to be perfect as is evidenced on the PGA Tour where you see all kinds of mechanically weak swings that still produce great results – at least most of the time!

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  1. Being a drummer, I don't use the tempo the way I used to in the golf swing. I used to be very into using tempo in the golf swing. As a matter of fact I used to say a phrase used by baseball commentators. It goes " The wind up & the pitch" The wind up part was the backswing. The second part was " & the" was the start of the downswing. And the "pitch" was of course the release into impact. It works well in the golf swing without having to count like in music. Getting ready to start playing, Chuck?

  2. I have an idea for your next short video. A down the line and face on rapid fire look at the fundamentals with key points. Kind of a 5' demonstration to the 5' to perfect drills. All stacked with short pauses. I'm trying to stack as many drills together as I can. Kind of a comprehensive check list video. It's been on my RST wish list. I can piece the videos on the site all together when I'm doing the drills, but I have to stop and search as I'm going. And I've always wanted an "easy to find" down the line and face on of your golf swing. Thanks Chuck!