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Golfers with beautifully rhythmical swings, like Ernie Els, are revered and many amateurs dream of swinging a club like them, but golfer’s rhythm and tempo is very personal. The way you move in your day to day life isn’t the same as every other person and the same applies to your golf swing. The best way to find a nice rhythm is to avoid rushing your swing. World leading biomechanics expert, JJ Rivet, told Dan that all the top players he works with have one thing in common, they look to have so much time to get the club to the ball in the downswing. JJ is a massive advocate for players feeling like they pause at the top of the back swing, this allows the proper sequencing on the way down, improving the rhythm and tempo of the golf swing and hopefully improving ball striking.

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  1. That's what I do if not my transition becomes a snap up and down in my head when I get to the I say 1001 for me it's like I'm holding it for 30secs but others can tell I'm pausing it just looks normal. Easier with the irons hard when im with the driver

  2. I don’t like to think pause ; I think settle. I sink a bit in my stance and give a bit of a push off the back foot and then rotate. The spread of my body is key. If I move my body faster the swing speed is greater. The tempo is fine as long as I do not try to move so fast I am off balance and out of sequence.

  3. A tempo training swing aid like the orange whip or pure2improve are brilliant to get and understand this feeling. Once you use it you'll realise you simply have to stop/pause at the top of the backswing for a split second before starting the downswing or else it will snap too soon and you feel that feedback in the training aid. It's all very smooth and feels great. Read a great line somewhere on YouTube recently, "Alignment is your friend but tempo is your lover". That small bit of stalling as the training aid finishes flexing before starting the downswing is essentially the transition phase made simple. Well it is for me anyway! Worth getting one. Makes all of this effortless after the muscle memory gets it.

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